When You’re Not In The Mood And She Is


There’s that old cliché of her “having a headache” whenever you’re in the mood, but the truth is, low sex drive affects males as well. Especially as they get older and their testosterone production begins to decline. Low sex drive is often associated with depression. Either one can cause the other and can create a […]

Mandelay Review: Does Mandelay Work?


Overview Mandelay is a desensitizing cream that helps men to prevent premature ejaculation while also growing their sexual desire. It is a cream more suitable for men who have mild conditions, and it is recommended for men to consult with a doctor before using the product. Mandelay can be found on the online website Majestic, […]

Natural Gain Plus Review

Natural Gain Plus

Overview This all natural male enhancement formulation is called Natural Gain Plus. The product uses active ingredients of ten other herbal remedies but the main ingredient is Maca. This has been used for many centuries to help ancient people to be stronger and resistant to pain. In harnessing these qualities, the supplement is able to […]

Muscle X Edge Review: Does Muscle X Edge Work?

muscle x edge

Overview This product is specifically designed for men who want to support their muscle mass and at the same time improve sexual performance. Muscle X Edge shows extreme athletes and advises viewers that this is not for ‘casual dieters’ as this truly hard core. The product seems to support muscle mass building, gain muscle strength […]

Maximum 10 Review: Does Maximum 10 Work?

maximum 10

Overview This make enhancement formula claims to be the ultimate in all male enhancement formulas currently in the market today. Maximum 10 claims the ability to increase the length and girth of penile erections as well as providing greater pleasure and sensitivity to the male member. In essence, Maximum 10 promises harder erections, increased stamina, […]

Maxidus Review: Does Maxidus Work?


Overview Maxidus is one product who has one of the few websites that provide information and other facts in a simple and user friendly manner. There are product information and FAQ sections as well as customer testimonials on the site. The site also has a secure and discreet ordering section for the individual client. According […]

Zencore Plus Review: Does Zencore Plus Work?

zencore plus

Overview: Zencore Plus is an herbal natural supplement that enhances male sexual performance, giving men hard and firm erections, and longer stamina. The manufacturer of the product has the same name Zencore Plus. It claims to use a  natural formula and it is free of side effects. Does it live up to its hype? Usage: […]

Activator Rx Review: Does Activator Rx Work?


Overview: Activator Rx is a male enhancement product designed to increase sex drive, improve erections, and improve orgasms. They claim that it works within 30 minutes of taking it and last up to 24 hours with no side effects. Does it really live up to its expectations? Ingredients: – L-Arginine – Butea Superba – Cordyceps […]

Zialipro Review: Does Zialipro Work?


Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for the natural male enhancement supplement Zialipro is the fact that they claim to provide not only immediate results, but also long-term results. Most supplements promise results so long as you take their pill as recommended, but starting out on day one and for some time Zialipro is […]

Zytenz Review: Does Zytenz Work?

Zytenz review

Zytenz is quickly becoming a popular over the counter male enhancement supplement on the market. It may help increase libido, stamina, give you more powerful erections, and increase hardness of erection.  The formula for the product creates increased blood flow to the penis, which gives one harder and longer lasting erections. The bottle contains 84 […]