“He Never Called.” Let A Man Explain.

I typically write advice articles for men. But today I am pressed into duty to provide some much-needed advice to the opposite sex. So ladies, listen up. Because the truth bullets I’m about to discharge will sting, but they will also help you avoid scaring off a perfectly date-worthy man. Recently, a female friend brought […]

Boy Scout’s Guide To Reattaching Your Penis


So you’ve somehow gotten yourself into a situation where your penis has been severed. Don’t panic. Your soldier can be saved. Medicine has come a long way since the 1989 John and Lorena Bobbitt incident that brought national attention to penile severance. We have the technology. We can rebuild him. Just follow these steps and […]

How To Convince Your Wife To Have Sex With You

sex with wife

Yes, YOU TOO Can Save Your Sex Life Been in a relationship for a long time and not getting laid anymore? Don’t sweat it. I’m in the same situation and I’ve come up with some tricks that work every time. Well, 98% of the time, they work every time. Passive-Aggressive Masturbation This is easy. Ask […]

Ten Places to Add to Your Sexual Bucket List

bouncy house

A lot of people have bucket lists full of boring things like “run a marathon” or “visit Machu Picchu”. I don’t waste time making lists like that. Running a marathon is all good and well, but it just isn’t that fun. If I’m going to make a bucket list, I want it to involve something […]

SOLVED: The Curse Of The Whisky Dick


As fun as a night out drinking may be, there is one downfall and that is the dreaded whisky dick. Whisky dick is the commonly cited problem that causes men to remain flaccid even though they are about to engage in much desired sexual activity – Usually from too much consumption of alcohol (probably whiskey-related). […]

Alcohol and Sex: The True Keys to Happiness?


It may not be sex and candy but it’s close – According to a new study conducted by Carsten Grimm, from New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, individuals seem to rank sex and alcohol as the activities that makes them the happiest in life. Based on this study, the average human would say that sex and drinking is actually […]

The Five Top Pleasure Pit Stops

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Ask a man where his erogenous zones are, and he’ll probably respond with a blank stare. Erogenous zones, or areas of heightened sexual sensitivity, have been identified — and exhaustively written about — by women, for women. But what about us dudes? If your girlfriend asked you where your special spots are, would you know what to […]

The 5 Most Common Male Misnomers About Sex


Not surprisingly, men think they know everything. Ev-ery-thing. They give the best directions, grill the best steaks, and bring a woman to orgasm in the most unique and exciting ways possible. Riiiight. Anyway, this is the assumption made by men, for men, because we are far less emotional than our female counterparts. Dudes across the […]

Mega Endurance Review: Does Mega Endurance Work?


For men that want to enhance their exercise routines or who have issues with stamina or longevity during sex there is a new supplement created by a former porn star named John Lawrence. It’s called Mega Endurance and it was specially formulated to allow men to last longer in the bedroom and have increased physical […]

Mega Enhancement Review: Does Mega Enhancement Work?


  For men that are concerned about their declining levels of testosterone as they age, Lawrence Supplements has released a product called Mega Enhancement. The pills provide users with increased erection size, amplified sexual stamina, and better sexual performance. The formula was created by a former porn star named John Lawrence and it’s a proprietary […]