The 10 Most Beautiful Neckbeards on the Internet

Neckbeards. They’re gorgeous. Whether they’re defending athiesm, fapping, watching animus, fapping, thinking about chivalry, fapping and fapping, they always find a way to look their absolute best. Because everyone knows the best way to attract a wonderful girl that’s worth your time is by white-knighting, wearing fedoras, eating Taco Bell and having the beardiest neck you can possibly grow. Here’s ten of the most fabulous fedoras on the Internets.

1. neckbeard2


2. neckbeard7

3. neckbeard4

4. neckbeard3

5. neckbeard5

6. neckbeard


7. neckbeard9



10. neckbeard11


You can change your underwear now.


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