Ten Places to Add to Your Sexual Bucket List

A lot of people have bucket lists full of boring things like “run a marathon” or “visit Machu Picchu”. I don’t waste time making lists like that. Running a marathon is all good and well, but it just isn’t that fun. If I’m going to make a bucket list, I want it to involve something I am actually interested in doing- like Sex.

So we here at AskMenAnswers sat down and decided to create a list of places that everyone should have sex in before they died. WARNING– some of these places are bound to ruin someone’s childhood:

10. A Fitting Room.

fitting room

Fitting rooms are the bane of every man’s existence. Clothes shopping is bad enough as it is. Add in holding someone’s purse for hours on end while they complain about how fat the dress they just tried on makes them look, and you are looking at the type of torture they tried to get rid of with the Geneva Convention. Stop the torture and release your tension by following her into the dressing room to “help” with her zipper.

9. In a Bouncy House.

bouncy houseBouncy houses combine the thrill of having sex in a public place with the comfort of having sex on a blow-up mattress. The bounciness also puts a little extra oomph behind every thrust and allows you to really throw her around, turning your sexcapade into an episode of Gladiators.

8. The Front Row of Movie Theater.

theaterEvery guy I know has at least gotten a blowie in the back of a theater. That’s child’s play. Demonstrate your real sexual prowess by managing dip your wick while sitting in the front row. Worst case scenario, you give someone else a little more of a show than they were expecting.

7. A Playground.

parkSex swings are expensive. Parks are free. Enough Said.

6. On someone else’s lawn.

lawnPublic sex is always fun, but add in the desecration of someone else’s property and you have yourself a party. Bonus points if the lawn belongs to an ex!

5. Parent Teacher Night.

parent teacher This is one that will have to wait if you don’t have kids yet, but once you do you will understand why this made the list. School is just as boring once you’re an adult, and that’s something no amount of stale cookies and bad coffee can make up for. Sex can.

4. Home Depot.

home depot

Ever walked through a home depot and noticed how many little outdoor sheds there are, just begging to be occupied? Pick one, slip inside, and hit a Home Run in Home Depot. Do it soon though — a couple just got caught there, so rumor has it Home Depot might start locking those bad boys up.

3. Disneyland.

P1040927 (2)Turn the Happiest Place on Earth into the Horniest Place on Earth by getting cozy on a ride. Disney has cameras everywhere, so pulling this one off will give you the ultimate bragging rights.

2. A Police Station.

policeI get a thrill if I do anything illegal in front of a cop, so sex in a police station would be a major adrenaline rush. Of course, having sex here is highly dependent on you ending up in a police station for some reason (probably for having sex in Disneyland).

1. A World Heritage Site.

Machu PicchuYou said you wanted to go to Machu Picchu, right? Make it more worth your while and sneak away from your tour guide for some clandestine nookie – ancient ruins style.


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