Three Types Of Women You Don’t Know How To Impress

“Impress women…”

by Sophia Tindall

You find a woman at a party, and you’re instantly attracted to her. She’s either the center of attention, or a high class girl with polished elegance, or even a dreamy woman whose positivity is highly contagious. You can’t seem to break your way into these women and you don’t understand how to make them tick. Here, I will introduce to you the three types of women you just don’t know how to impress, and ways to get them to notice you.

The Gold Digger


What She’s Like:
She’s very well put together and extremely high maintenance. Her nails are always professionally manicured and her hair is shinier than 24-karat gold. She’s very out-going and friendly, and she may even have a bubbly personality. She only wears designer clothes and shoes as well as real diamonds.

What She’s Looking For:
Don’t worry if you’re not as attractive as you’d like to be. Her only real interest is what you have in your wallet. The up side about this is that she’s completely predictable. The down side is that she will only stay with you for as long as you can afford to maintain her.

What She’s Struggling With:
She’s always jumping from one man to another and can’t seem to find the right man she wants to be with. It’s really not her fault, since there’s always someone who can afford to buy her more clothes, jewelries, or take her to more exotic vacations around the world.

How To Impress Her:

It is not easy to keep a gold digger around unless you truly have the money to back it up. She’s best suited for one-night-stands and casual fling since all you need to do is to pretend that you are someone insanely rich. These type of women typically hang out in upscale bars and clubs. If you can wrestle your way in there with a bottle service, then open as many bottles of champagne and boast as much as you can. Remember, looks don’t matter.

The Trust Fund Baby


What She’s Like:
She’s proper and very well-mannered. She’s never traveled alone and probably doesn’t know how to drive. While she wears real diamonds and designer clothes, they are not as flashy as the Gold Digger.

What She’s Looking For:
Girls like her have very uninteresting childhoods. Growing up, they attend schools with the same twenty other trust fund babies who have all probably slept with each other at some point. Her predictable and sheltered life have prevented her to take any risks. She lacks excitement in her world.

What She’s Struggling With:
Since she will never have to work or support herself, her life is likely a mess. She doesn’t know how to cook, clean, or even throw out the trash. What seems like pretty normal chores to us are a big challenge for this type of women. Also, her emotions are fragile and can be easily hurt. She probably has a drug problem and has attempted suicide more than 40 times.

How To Impress Her:
She seems way out of your league, but you can always impress her by taking her to do something she has never done before. What to do greatly depends on how different the proposed activities are from her routine and boring life. If it’s expensive, she’s probably done it before. So, save your cash. Take her to a secret spot that makes the best tapas. Fly a sky lantern. If you’re both physically fit, take her to a beautiful hot springs that requires a few hours of hiking. The point is to come up with something that’s different yet still exciting.

The Cinderella


What She’s Like:
She’s a fairy tale dreamer who can’t get her head out of the clouds. She’s always looking for her Prince Charming. If this girl talks about searching for and marrying “Mr. Right” on the first date, then you have met a Cinderella.

What She’s Looking For:
The problem with this type of woman is that she’s looking for someone “perfect”… probably too perfect to even exist in real life. The man she wants to be with must be rich AND handsome, and he also has to meet a bunch of other demands to meet her satisfaction. She expects to be treated like a princess and be waited on her hands and feet (hopefully by servants provided by you). As opposed to the Gold Digger, she’s not entirely after your money, but she’s definitely not going to be working and bringing in a second income for the household.

What She’s Struggling With:
Almost all Cinderella women have a “rescue” complex. She’s probably stuck in a waitressing job and going to school part-time studying theatre… in the hopes of making a break in acting. She’s always waiting for the right guy to sweep her off from her feet and save her from her less-than-perfect life.

How To Impress Her:
Pick her up from her house and bring her flowers. Dress up and take her somewhere nice. She will also appreciate that you make the dinner reservation and pick up the check at the end of the night. It is okay to open and hold the door open for her—she will not lecture you on gender equality. The more romantic the date, the better. The key is to make her believe that you are the Knight In Shining Armor she’s been looking for her whole life.





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