Top 10 List: The Dumbest Feminists

Feminism. It’s not a new term, but in the last year, it’s exploded into a fiery blaze of misunderstood philosophy, bickering and general stupidity. Feminism itself is a nebulous term — what makes a feminist? What makes an anti-feminist? It’s a blurry line, further blurred by idiots on both sides.

I’m all for feminism — we at AMA acknowledge that women are groovy and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t have an equal standing as men. We’re all people, and just because you’re born with another X chromosome doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to the stuff I do.

The problem with feminism, as is the case with almost all social movements, is there’s a huge number of vocal followers who have a painfully tenuous grasp of what the principles are that they’re seemingly backing.

It seems like a large swath of misguided “feminists” (that have absolutely no clue what the hell feminism is at all) has popped up in the last year. These silly “feminists” have so completely missed the mark as to what true feminism is that it’s reached the point of sheer hilarity.

Sadly for the feminist movement, but happily for us who enjoy humor, these women are both misinformed and vocal in equally gargantuan amounts.

Without further ado, here’s the 10 funniest pictures we’ve dug up of these inane “feminists”.


1.  That’s just a fact. Thank god for video games, because otherwise I’d be raping everything that moves. Phew! Thank you GTA!


 2. I can think of 32 things just off the top of my head that are worse than being called a woman.

feminist133.  So…don’t… say yes? Just say no? I don’t know what your argument is here.


4. “Stare Rape”? Yeah, let’s marginalize rape by suggesting our use of our main information-gathering sense is the same thing as, you know, real rape.

feminist105. I’m not sure what ripple in space-time you come from, but in this reality, you’re gravely incorrect. This statement is about as legitimate as that diploma from ITT Tech.

feminist96. Right, let’s sacrifice years of medical progress in reducing infant mortality because you’re insecure. Genius.

feminist87.  Exercise? Yes. Sport? Well…


8. Enjoy the cervical cancer, idiot.

feminist39. Welp, you’ve just been bested by a neckbeard, so that really says it all.













10. This guy was trolling the shit out of the #YesAllWomen hashtag. Not hilarious, but decently funny.

More importantly, when was it ever funny to make fun of a woman’s appearance to her face? Or anyone’s appearance, for that matter?





  1. you know bro! this article just gave me some relief!

    See, as we all know that most Man in college age tease woman! well I Hated that since forever… i even stop hanging out with guys do that..and i still have some good friends like me.!
    I respect woman!

    but I see a lot of woman do stupid things that totally spoils their image and when u tell them…no matter how much you respect them just i say never ADVISE them..

    This one very close and FEMINIST friend of mine was about to leave me to the Bus Stand around 10 at night and we were going by walk! i told her i can go all alone and it’s too dark for her to come back all alone..she said no it’s ok! it’s my neighborhood!

    bt then she went to change and came back wearing a tight BOOB shirt and Trouser that can show the diagram of her ass! Which i didnt like it!

    i am not a close minded person! but then i told her not to go with me and argument ended where she was accusing me that i am just like a typical guy who takes away freedom of woman!

    i said…. it’s not about FREEDOM.. it;s about not being stupid!
    However now i am OFFENDING THEIR FREEDOM???!”

    i have a PS VITA, Sony XPERIA Z, Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, some cash..
    and a LAPTOP but i am willing to go all alone and wear normal cloths that no one suspect that this guy is worthy to steal anything from him and not just listing to my iPhone playing PS VITA and Talking to myself..OhH WHICH CREDIT CARD I SHOULD USE TO BUY this 3000INR game on PS VITA NETWORK!!

    well! that would be STUPIDITY ! and not something i can say it’s My Money and My Freedom :P

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