Top Lists: 10 Cringiest Neckbeard Videos

Neckbeards doing their neckbeard thing. Nothing else to preface this with. Just bask in the glow.

1. Vegan Vaginaman

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster I’m over 18 and a strict vegan, otherwise I would have had to miss out on this erotic masterpiece.

 2. Waifu

This video confirms the long-held suspicion that even serial killers talk with their mouth full.

3. An Extremely Goofy Movie

It’s like Goofy crawled inside this kid’s body and died.

4. Name the Religion

Jehovah’s Witnesses? Mormons? Modern Amish? I’ll cast my guess when I recover from this seizure.

5. Technautism

High school.

6. The Neckbeard Braintrust

When you have a brain as big as this man’s, the tripod is below you. Apparently so are contacts, acne treatment and haircuts.

7. Heh.


8. Your Friendly Neigborhood Gentlesir

“Don’t worry m’lady, your eggs are saved, thanks to my supreme gentility and noble sense of duty. Now, I’ll just detain you here with your mother until I finish this youtube video…”

9. If you don’t know what Yiff is…

…I’m sorry that I had to unleash this onto you.

1o. The Piecé de Resistancé

No words. None.


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