Tribulus Terrestris: How this Lowly Weed Can Raise Your Libido


If you are searching for a male enhancement supplement and conducting the necessary research to find the right one for you, then you have likely come across a few pills that contain Tribulus terrestris. Tribulus terrestris, as extraterrestrial sounding as it may be, is actually the scientific name for a flowering plant that can be found in desert and tropical regions throughout the world. On your supplement bottle, Tribulus terrestris might take on any one of the following common names:

  • Goathead
  • Devil’s Thorn
  • Tackweed
  • Bindii

This plant is commonly utilized in dietary supplements that are dedicated to help boost testosterone levels, which can be linked to increased muscle mass and improvement of male sexual health. Natural supplements that contain Tribulus are generally those that will improve testosterone levels, increase libido and help to boost erections.

Who can benefit from Tribulus Terrestris?

There are a number of males who can benefit from adding a supplement with Tribulus to their daily diet. Consider Tribulus Terrestris if you are looking for assistance with any of the following:

  • An improvement in muscle mass (beyond what traditional exercise and weight lifting can deliver)
  • You have noticed a decrease in sexual libido as you age (caused by a decrease in testosterone)
  • You suffer from premature ejaculation
  • Have trouble maintaining a solid erection during sex

Many males see both of the positive attributes to this supplement in that it helps to improve sexual and physical health, which is why it is one of the most popular ingredients in natural male enhancement pills on the market. Male enhancement products like PHGH use Tribulus Terrestris as a major ingredient in their products. Before you purchase any pill however, you want to read through the ingredients to ensure that Tribulus is included (either be scientific name or through one of its common names).

Are there risks associated with Tribulus Terrestris?

Interestingly enough, the Tribulus plant is not recommended to be eaten in its natural form, as there are some who have suffered serious injury from doing so. In human studies that have been conducted there don’t seem to be any negative side effects that are yet to be found, however it is always recommended to consult a physician before beginning a new supplement. Tribulus could negatively coincide with other medications or supplements, so before you start any type of dietary supplement for male enhancement your physician should be notified.

There is no reason to live with sexual health problems, especially now that you know about Tribulus Terrestris and that there is a natural treatment for these issues that has helped thousands of men before you.

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