TriMix Gel Review: Does TriMix Gel Work?



TriMix Gel is a new and excellent alternative treatment for erectile   dysfunction problems. This is used for men who fail at using the PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra®, Levitra®, Cialis®), those who cannot tolerate the side effects and cannot or will not self-inject their penis with a needle. This is an easy to apply gel that would benefit men who have ED and needs help in maintaining and improving their sexual health.

If you are on the verge of battling with your ED problems, this is a great product for you so that you can stimulate and boost your erections.


The three main ingredients of TriMix Gel are Alprostadil, Papaverine and Phentolamine. Alprostadil is a prostaglandin that would relax the muscles of the blood vessel walls thus increasing the blood supply. Papaverine is a vasodilator. It increases the blood supply to the area by expanding the blood vessels. Phentolamine also vasodilates the blood vessels.

Proper usage

Manufacturers recommend that you apply the TriMix Gel before sexual intercourse. A little reminder though, this product lasts no longer than an hour.


TriMix Gel is an effective treatment for ED clients who have failed at using PDE5 inhibitor tablets and those who cannot tolerate self-injections. This is a simple and painless treatment and compared to the oral medications, it has fewer side effects. You could just carry it around in room temperature and you do not need to orient yourself to needles, pellets or pills. After 5 to 15 minutes application, it would instantly work. You don’t need to go to an ED specialist for a prescription; a family doctor or urologist could just give you one.


TriMix gel is somewhat expensive. It costs around $139. Some side effects may include pain in the penile region, dizziness, headaches and palpitations. It needs a doctor’s prescription before you can purchase the product.


This is an excellent alternative to solve ED problems. If you weigh the pros and cons of using this product compared to the PDE5 inhibitor tablets and injections, then you would probably go for TriMix Gel.