Ultimate 30 Minute Circuit Training Workout

circuit trainingToday, it seems that the majority of the population is taking health and fitness more seriously than ever before. People are hitting the gym on a daily basis finding an hour or two to work out. Now, if you’re looking to spend that time to simply have alone time or vent, then it’s a good routine. However, a lot of people have this common misconception that you have be in the gym everyday for long periods of time in order to lose weight or gain weight.

If your goal is to really be fit, then what I’m about to tell you may surprise you.

You only have to work out for 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week. That’s a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes per week.

If you don’t believe me it’s because you still haven’t figured out, a secret formula that will not only give you better results, but you’ll have more time for yourself.

If you do this correctly you’ll be able to lose more weight or gain weight a lot faster than doing these long 2 hour workouts on a daily basis.

The secret is being able to leverage your time and increase the intensity to get maximum effectiveness. Unfortunately there’s this idea going around that we should all be trying to multitask and simply “be productive” every single day.

If this describes you, ask yourself these questions:

Did I really get big things accomplished?


Could I have done more within that time frame?

Enough of my rambling.

Here’s the formula:

leverage x intensity = effectiveness

Not only will you start seeing better results, but you’ll also stop wasting precious time at the gym and have more time doing what you truly want.

I’d also add that a lot of people quit halfway because the workouts take too much time every week, and it gets boring.

These circuit training workouts can be done at the gym or at comfort of your home.

circuit training

Arms, Back and Core Circuit Training

The workout will consist of this: Do a set, move on to the next, rest for 2 minutes halfway through your training, and continue the constant exercises. Each set should take you around 45 seconds – 1 minute.

Start off with:

  • Wide grip pull ups. Do this until fail (you can’t do any more). On to the next workout.
  • Medium weight deadlifts (Or if you have a lower back machine). Do 10-15 of these. make sure to do these correctly to avoid injuries.
  • Medium grip pull ups. Do this until fail.
  • Dumbbell shrugs. Use a medium weight for this. 20 or more repetitions.
  • Chin ups. Do this until fail.
  • Normal Sit ups (On the floor or use machine). Do this until fail.
  • Frog Crunch. Until fail.
  • Side Crunches. Until fail.
  • Leg ups. Until fail.
  • Dumbbell curls. 10-15 (depending on how much weight.
  • Bench Dips. Until fail.
  • Rest for 5-7 minutes.
  • Repeat the whole circuit one more time, or until your 30 minutes end.

You’re probably going to be sore and exhausted from this. Make sure you take the right nutrients to get maximum recovery. As time goes on you’ll start getting used to it, the trick is being consistent.

Remember, leverage x intensity = effectiveness.

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