VigaPLUS Review: Does VigaPLUS Work?

VigaPLUS Review Does VigaPlus Work?The manufacturers of an herbal male enhancement supplement known as VigaPLUS market their product as the natural form of Viagra. Men who suffer from impotence, want to improve their stamina and the quality of their erections are said to benefit most from this natural, side-effect free product. Based on the common male enhancement ingredients L-Arginine and Epimedium sagittatum, this supplement claims to deliver results within as little as 30 minutes of taking it. Somewhat different from other male enhancement pills, users are to take one tablet twice daily and another pill half an hour prior to sex.

The official website that is dedicated to this supplement does provide some helpful information to interested users, however it is presented in a rather poor manner. For example, the ingredients tab, which should contain thorough information on each ingredient and their concentrations, simply states the name of the ingredient and what it is used for. There are also no clinical studies shared for this product to back its claims.

Cost of VigaPLUS

When purchased through the manufacturer’s website, a bottle of 60 capsules can be purchased for $59.00. When more than one bottle is purchased at a time the price per pill is greatly reduced and after four bottles are purchased two more are provided free. It does not appear that there are many other online or in-store retailers of this product unless purchased from an individual reselling the product.

The manufacturer’s website does not make any mention of free accessible samples, but purchases come with a three month money back guarantee.

What Reviewers Have to Say…

While the reviews on the product’s website are generally positive, there are some negative comments to be found for this product on other review sites. Some users claim that this product in no way met up to the standards of Viagra, as it claims, while others felt that the number of pills required for this supplement to function as it claimed was too much. There are some users online who mention an improved sex life with better-than-ever erections and many who appreciate the fact that this pill is herb-based.

Pros of VigaPLUS

  • All-natural, herbal product
  • Vegetable tablets
  • Three month money back guarantee
  • Alternative to Viagra (appealing to those who don’t want to take prescription drugs)

Cons of VigaPLUS

  • Poor and missing information on manufacturer’s website
  • No clinical studies disclosed
  • No full ingredients list accessible (missing information from ingredients list)
  • Requires multiple pills in order to attain optimal results

Final Thoughts

VigaPlus does appeal to users who don’t want to take prescription Viagra for their erectile dysfunction problems, as it is all-natural. However, there are plenty of questions that go unanswered by simply researching through the official website. The lack of clinical studies and failure to disclose all information on the ingredients is enough to cause this product not to be recommended for use. However, if you still plan on using VigaPLUS as a male sexual enhancement supplement it is important to consult your physician prior to taking any capsule.

Learn more about VigaPlus on their website.



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