What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

There are a number of different symptoms you may experience if you are suffering from Low Testosterone or Low T. If you think you have low testosterone, you should consult your doctor, as the cause may be due to a more serious medical condition. Also the symptoms for Low T are a bit broad and can also be attributed to other medical problems. It is important to know that you actually have low T levels and what the cause is before you begin treating the issue yourself. If you experience any of the symptoms below, it could be a sign that your testosterone levels are not where they should be.

Low sex drive. One of the biggest problems surrounding low testosterone levels is a reduced or low sex drive.

Erectile dysfunction. If you have difficulty achieving or maintaining erections, these could be indicating that your body’s hormones are imbalanced.

Trouble achieving orgasm. Some men with low testosterone levels can get an erection, but are not able to reach orgasm.

Reduced ejaculate quantity. If you notice that your sperm doesn’t seem to be as plentiful as it once was, you might consider taking an herbal supplement to increase your Zinc and Magnesium levels which can help raise your T levels.

Numbness. If you are losing sensation in the groin, you should seek medical treatment immediately. This could be a sign of low testosterone, but it could also be much more serious.

Fatigue. A common symptom is tiredness or fatigue. If your body’s natural testosterone levels are in the proper range, a person should have plenty of energy and drive.

Depression. If your hormones are imbalanced it could make you feel like less of a man which could make you severely depressed.

Irritability. A short temper or just general unfocused frustration could indicate a person is suffering from low t.

Reduced muscle mass. Testosterone aids in the building of muscles and the burning of excess body fat. If you find that your muscles aren’t as hard or as big as they used to be,

Shrinkage. Low testosterone can also make your testicles feel softer and appear smaller. Any noticeable change in the size of your testicles should always merit a visit to the doctor.

There are many symptoms as well as causes for low testosterone levels. It’s crucial that you seek professional medical advice to address any underlying problems you might have. You should not worry if you have Low T, however because there are many prescription and over-the-counter treatments you can take to boost your testosterone back to normal levels. Several companies offer natural, herbal remedies for low testosterone and male enhancement.


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