Where To Find Girls With High Sex Drives

“all the problems in the world can be solved if we all had high sex drives…”

by Sophia Tindall

Guys, do you often feel that you don’t get enough sex? Do you have trouble finding girls with high sex drives?

I get a lot of emails from men who complain that they are never satisfied:

“I don’t have enough sex!”
“I’m not getting enough sex.”
“She doesn’t want to do it every day.”
“I have a girlfriend and I still have to masturbate!”

Fact: Men want sex more than women, and that’s where the problem lies. There’s an imbalance between the sexes when it comes to how many often is often enough (or too much!) for sexual intercourse.

You can relate this to evolutionary psychology and the development of our species—that men are biologically designed to spread their seeds and women can only carry one (or one set of) offspring at any given period. This is what I find these “theories” laughable and somewhat hilarious. Because that doesn’t at all explain the behavior of many women who exhibit extremely high sex drives.

But where would you find them?

If you look them up on the Internet you can definitely find plenty of highly sexual women with a more than usual sexual appetite waiting for you to hire them. And in fact, many men find themselves pursuing professional hires to fulfill their needs.

But if you’re not interested in looking for a “professional” to do the job, there are some other alternatives for guys like you who need girls with high sex drives in your lives.

where to find girls with high sex drives

First, try to date a cougar:

This is probably the easiest alternative. Older women usually have more experience in the bed room and are a lot less sexually inhibited. They’ve been around the block several times and truly know what they want in bed. If you’ve only been with younger women and college age girls and find their sex drives too dormant for your taste, then it’s time to make the switch and see if cougars are a better match for yours. Watch out, they can be very direct and sometimes even downright aggressive.

where to find girls with high sex drives

Second, date a single mom (or a MILF):

The truth about all single moms is that they are all sexually deprived. They spend most of their time working and taking care of their kid(s) they hardly have time for themselves, let a lone finding or dating other men. The sex drive of a MILF are usually through the roof, and that’s good news for you. If you can tolerate having to put her son to bed before you can get some hot sheet action, then sex with single moms can be totally heaven.

where to find girls with high sex drives

Third, bed room sports with a dominant woman might be a good choice too:

Although not always the case, but dominant women can also have very high sex drives. They might not want to have sex as much as single moms because it is likely they always get what they want. But whatever you do, stay away from a professional dominatrix. Unless you’re really into kinky stuff, you might receive more than what you’ve bargained for.

where to find girls with high sex drives

Last but not the least, a nymphomaniac:

These types of women are rare to find. Because of a biological “defect,” they think about sex and want to have sex 24/7. You won’t see them walking around waiting to be picked up. They are only advertised based on word of mouth, so you must use your social network and your friends to seek them out. If you’re lucky to find one, rest assured that all your sexual dissatisfaction woes will be over! In fact, you might want to be careful with her, because her high sex drive might wear you out.





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