Whole Body Research Premium Krill Oil Blend Review

krill_bottleIf you’ve been taking fish oil for your cardiovascular health or to improve your circulation for male enhancement, there’s something you should hear about. It’s called Krill Oil and recent studies have found it to be over 50% more effective than fish oil at preventing cardiovascular “incidents”. Krill are small shrimp that live in the deep Antarctic ocean. They are also rich in something called astaxanthan, a powerful antioxidant. We were looking for a Krill Oil product to review and came across the blend made by Whole Body Research. They blend their Krill Oil with fish oil, which they say allows for much better absorption than Krill Oil alone. Here at Ask Men Answers, we’re always looking for the most potent and powerful supplements on the market, so that was what made us interested in checking out the Whole Body Research blend.

What the positive reviews say…

There were a few reviews of the Whole Body Research Krill Oil Blend online that were overwhelmingly positive. The product was praised for its potency and its unique formulation that allows for greater levels of absorption. Not only that, but Whole Body Research adds even more astaxanthan to their Krill, increasing the amount of antioxidants to levels that are higher than anything else we could find.

What the negative reviews say… 

Some users complained that the product was too expensive.

What’s our take on the Whole Body Research Premium Krill Oil Blend? 

It’s the most potent Krill Oil product we could find– with the added astaxathan and blend of fish oils, the Whole Body Research product offers more antioxidants and better Omega 3 absorption than you can get from just pure Krill Oil or Fish Oil. This Krill Oil Blend is also filtered in a multi-stage process to eliminate harmful contaminants like lead or mercury as well as fishy odors. While there were some reviews that complained about the price, we found that when compared to other Krill products on the market, the price was very competitive and actually better than some other companies products. It is a bit more expensive than fish oil, but that probably has to do with the product coming from the oceans surrounding Antarctica.

Final Thoughts

An Omega 3 supplement is crucial for maintaining heart health and good circulation. For men suffering from erectile issues, circulatory health should be a high priority. If you have been looking for a good Omega 3 supplement or Fish Oil, you should check out the Whole Body Research Premium Krill Oil Blend because it is the best one that we’ve found.


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