Your Sleep Position Could Be Affecting Your Health

sleepingUsually the goal around sleeping is just to do it at all, but it turns out that the variety of sleep positions can affect everything from how quickly you develop wrinkles to how well your digestive system works. Here are some common positions and their possible side effects. (Good and bad.)

Flat On Your Back

Sleeping flat on your back is thought to be one of the best sleeping positions since it equally supports all parts of the body and doesn’t put any pressure on the face. It can however, make you snore more so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re not sleeping alone. Always make sure that your head is supported but not up so high on pillows that your neck is in a strained position. You will not wake feeling great.

On Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach can be one of the worse positions when it comes to protecting your face from wrinkles. It seems a little far-fetched that your sleeping position can age you, but when you consider that you spend about 1/3 of your time with your face smashed against a pillow it starts to make a little more sense. The pillow literally applies pressure to your face in a wrinkled position and then it is also rough and abrasive on the skin. Besides switching positions the only other thing to do is to get a satin pillowcase, which is known to provide a smoother resting place than a fibrous cotton one. Sleeping on your stomach can also strain the neck and the back since there is not support, but it can however improve your digestion.

On Your Side

The upside to sleeping on your side is that it can reduce sleep apnea and it’s pretty good for the curve of your back. The downside is that it can wrinkle the face, cause the breasts to sag, and also put pressure on the nerves in the arm that you are laying on. Also, which side you sleep on makes a difference here. If you sleep on your right side you might be unknowingly making your heartburn worse. If you sleep on your left side you might be straining your liver and your stomach. Decisions.

Fetal Position

This position tends to put a lot of stress on the internal organs and can limit your deep breathing while you sleep. It can be a good alternative if you snore a lot though. (Because of the less deep breaths taken and being on your side.)


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